Part 7. How to edit footer

The following tutorial explains how to edit information displayed in footer area of Vivid responsive theme on a Plone 5.0 website.

Vivid theme footer is subdivided into two parts: footer with Plone info and credits:

Plone footer

and standart Plone colophon:

Plone theme colophon

To change Plone info (1) you need to customize template: ZMI -> portal_view_customizations -> footer. Press Customize to enable editing of the current footer and change the text. Do not forget to save the changes when you finish.

Plone view customizations

To change colophon "Powered by Plone & Python": go to ZMI -> portal_view_customizations -> colophon. Or you can delete/hide/re-order either of footer parts via Manage portlets -> Plone Footerportlets -> footer/colophon.

Plone footer portlets