Hawaii Aviation

Hawaii Aviation, Archive of Hawaii's Historic Photos and Facts

Hawaii Aviation is an archive of historic photos and facts. The site features numerous historical documents, here is a complete book about Hawaii Aviation on the site. This website features more than 4,000 photos from the collections of the Hawaii Department of Transportation, Hawaii State Archives, Hickam Air Force Base, the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii, the U. S. Naval History Center, Marine Corp Base Hawaii and private collections.

Project Outline

Hawaii Aviation site includes lots of photos, that are divided into many folders and subfoldes. So the main task was to create a nice display views for images, items listing and photo galleries.

Image ContentType

Quintagroup developed a special image-based content type - image of 95px width. Such an image is used in every folder and is displayed as an icon representing that folder in the listings. So, we developed image95 content type, that can be added to a folder as a usual image. Such 95px images are displayed in folder listings.

Photo Album

Hawaii Aviation Photo Album has a multi-level structure:

  1. First Level - main folders listing: ha_mainfolder_listing_view was developed to display main folder listing with folder's title (in blue headline), description (in body text), and 95px-wide image is displayed as an icon for this folder.
  2. Second Level - subfolders listing: ha_subfolder_listing_view was developed to display subfolders listing. Apart from folder's title (that goes in blue headline) and description (in body text), 95px-wide image is displayed as an icon for every subfolder.
  3. Third Level - images in subfolder: Third-level page displays images in the subfolder as 200 px thumbnails. ha_photo_album_view was developed to display such pictures by three in a line, the height of images varies, but the width is 200 px. Each picture is followed by a caption - taken from the description field of the image. Maximum number of photos that can fit one page is 12. When one of these photos is clicked on, you get to the fourth level - full size image.
  4. Fourth Level - full size image: This page displays the images at the original size with ha_image_view_fullscreen view. Images size varies and can be as much as 3000 x 2200 pixels.

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