Great Race

Great Race

Great Race is the Company Competition that present 4 groups of companies that can take part in this competition, these are: OPS, Supplies, eTailer, and Hardware. All companies which are registered at GreatRace website are taking part in the company competition.

Some of these groups of companies have an internal Sales Competition between company members. The Sales Competition is a Company internal competition and the result is based on points where each sales person can report based on the product list. The sales person can earn points with doing HP Education and Reporting sold Products.

Project Overview

Custom Workflow

GreatRace required development of custom members and roles, needed specially for this project. Members of GreatRace project can have the following roles:

  1. Sales Leader - can see the Companies Competition and the Sales Competition of own company
  2. Sales Person - is a  regular company employee, who can only see the Sales Competition of own company
  3. HP Account Manager - can see the Informations from each Company account where he is responsible
  4. MSA (Marketing Service Agency) can see all and report the CHF sales report of each company. MSA is responsible for filling data for Companies Competition
  5. Administrator - can do everything

Plone Integration with Google Spreadsheets

The Great Race project is expected to host companies and salesman competition data in Google Spreadsheets.

  • The Companies Competition numbers are saved in GoogleSpreadsheets and referenced from Company object by SpreadsheetId.
  • The Sales Competition numbers are saved in GoogleSpreadsheet and referenced from Person (Employee) object by SpreadsheetId.

Special script called GreatRaceUtility was developed which can populate summaries and data form the GoogleSpreadsheets to correspondent Plone views for Companies and Sales Competitions. Also this utility is responsible for data input into the GoogleSpreadsheets.

English, German
Quintagroup Delivered
Plone Theme Development
Plone Development
Plone + Google Spreadsheet Integration