Amazon Rekognition Development for Insurance Company

Amazon Rekognition Development is a potent service by Quintagroup that helps insurance companies automate operations, lower costs, and improve customer service.

Our client is a Swiss insurance company. The company sought to reduce the operator's time spent scanning documents and ID cards by automating the process with AI text recognition.

Intelligent document processing (IDP) is a common AWS use case, especially for insurance companies. With it, they can automate the laborious and manual process of extracting and validating data from documents.

IDP helps facilitate insurance companies, leading to errors reduction and, therefore, improved client experience. It automates customer document analysis, verification, and critical data extraction.

Amazon Rekognition Development service can be of use to facilitate quicker customer onboarding procedures and speed up insurance claims processing. Your company will reduce the risk of fraud by using IDP assistance to identify fraudulent documents quickly.

Project Outline

amazon rekognition document extraction insurance company

Amazon Rekognition is an artificial intelligence (AI) service that allows developers to create applications recognizing text, objects, and people in images and videos.

We chose to use Amazon Rekognition, particularly for document scanning, as our client requested automatization on that particular level. The service uses image recognition technology based on deep learning to recognize objects, people and extract text in pictures and videos.

The intention was to create a system that would enable the operator to automatically fill in fields from scanned documents and ID cards using the Amazon Rekognition feature. 

The system was developed to fill in the appropriate fields by identifying the numbers and letters from the scanned documents. Then, the operator would only need to verify that the system correctly recognized the information.

Other Uses of Amazon Rekognition

uses of amazon rekognition

Below are some well-spread use cases for Amazon Rekognition:

  1. Image-search: Amazon Rekognition indexes images and videos, allowing you to find objects and events within them. This function can help you detect swindlers.
  2. Detecting dangerous material: This tool can recognize obscene and cruel video and photo content. Depending on customer needs, developers can filter unwanted information using the provided metadata. 
  3. Facial recognition: Amazon Rekognition allows your apps to authenticate users by matching their live view to a reference image.
  4. Superstar detection: In user-provided images and videos, it can identify celebrities.
  5. Integration with other AWS services: It is meant for Amazon Rekognition to work with other web services, such as AWS Lambda.

Tech Stack

Programming Languages and Tools:

To put this solution into action, Quintagroup team made the most out of the most convenient and suitable programming language, in this case: Python.

Other popular and effective technologies used:

  • Amazon Rekognition
  • AWS

Business Outcome

Quintagroup team finished the project successfully, helping the client achieve their ultimate goal — drastically cutting the operator's manual work. The system could accurately recognize the necessary data from scanned documents, filling in the essential fields. An operator should only check and confirm that the computer correctly identified the letters and numbers from the scanned documents.

This way, our client has reduced manual work and sped up extracting information from documents. Amazon Rekognition Development is an effective tool for insurance companies to automate operations, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

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