Migrating from Wordpress to React and Gatsby

In this article, we shed a light on a few reasons for migrating from WordPress and discuss the advantages of React and Gatsby that will definitely help you with making up your mind.

Websites can be created and maintained using the open content management system WordPress. It has grown to be the most well-liked blogging platform on the internet because of its simplicity of use and distinctive blogging capabilities.

WordPress is the most popular website builder in the globe; about half of websites on the internet were made with WordPress. It is explainable because it enables speedy website creation and has a robust chain of plugins to support site scaling.

However, as technology advances, more and more solutions become available that make the process of creating websites simpler. Additionally, they enable us to enhance the functionality of the website and obtain better access and safety over the program.

Because of the monolithic nature of the original WordPress architecture, the UI and access to data are unified on a single system.

Therefore, there are some particular reasons why people choose to migrate from WordPress, either to React or to Gatsby. Discover them in the next passages.

Why Should I Migrate from WordPress: The Main Disadvantages

Why to migrate from WordPress

Consider your site to be an online expansion of your company. Internet users include both your present and prospective customers. Your aim should be to make your website simple to navigate and enjoyable for surfers so they will think favorably of your company. By creating a website that is perfectly functional and launches rapidly, you can provide customers with a good first impression.

It's crucial to remember that not every website is built the same. Websites, especially those built on the WordPress platform, are susceptible to technological issues and may require extensive care from an agency.

Here is the list of several drawbacks while using WordPress for your website:

  1. For extra functionality, WordPress requires a ton of add-ons. While some plugins are available without charge, others have a cost. Moreover, quite often the extensions discovered are out of date and not in use.
  2. Slow website loading. WordPress continues to be a slow-loading platform as a result of all the more extensions, crowded libraries, and outdated scripts.
  3. Poor SEO performance. WordPress's products that are overloaded with plugins are neither well-rated by Google nor other search engines.
  4. Your site is more prone to hacking and spamming. WordPress is the main platform, making it a prime subject to scammers and cybercriminals.

The High Points of React

React is a widely used open JavaScript library nowadays. It facilitates the development of amazing web applications with little work and programming. React's primary goal is to create UIs that increase an app's efficiency. The following are some crucial benefits of React:

  • It gets simpler to create interactive web applications. Due to the complicated scripting required, it was difficult to construct dynamic web applications using HTML strings, but React has made it simpler. It offers more capabilities with less programming.
  • Performance optimization. Performance optimization is highly likely with React thanks to an online document object model. A software API that works with HTML, XHTML, and other languages is called the DOM. When it was modified, the majority of developers encountered a bug that caused the application's performance to suffer. ReactJS introduced a virtual document object model to address this issue. The React Virtual DOM is a simulation of the DOM found in internet browsers, and it occurs fully in storage.
  • The Advantages of JavaScript library. An extensive JavaScript library is provided by React. The JavaScript library gives web developers more freedom to use it however they see fit.
  • Area of the codes to be tested. Applications built with React are very simple to test. It provides a platform where programmers may check and fix their scripts using built-in tools.

Why to Consider Moving to Gatsby?

Benefits of Gatsby

A static website builder using GraphQL and React.js is called GatsbyJS. It is a fairly recent technology that is ideal for small and large-sized businesses wishing to host distinctive, quick, and everlasting websites.

In contrast to more established frameworks like WordPress, Gatsby creates static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript pages, which, among many other advantages, allows for exceptionally quick page loads.

The most well-liked frontend CMSs, like Netlify CMS, Contentful, Prismic, Strapi, Tina, and even WordPress, are perfectly compatible with Gatsby.

These are some of this platform's benefits:

  • Plugins usability and availability. The collection of Gatsby plugins is growing rapidly. There are plugins for incredibly specialized usage, such as leveraging the Google Translate API to translate a website's content automatically for visitors from other countries.
  • Systems for content management can cooperate with Gatsby. Unlike WordPress, Gatsby can't boast a graphical user interface. It is a structure for creating code. However, it does interconnect with almost any available content management system; such examples include Strapi, Netlify CMS, Contentful, and Prismic.
  • Development experience that is standardized. Gatsby insists that change takes place predictably. The site can be extended or maintained by a new dedicated development team without a steep learning need.
  • Decreased maintenance. Sustaining a Gatsby project involves staying current with the supporting technologies, while WordPress requires regular upkeep and monitoring.
  • Capabilities of progressive web applications. Gatsby has the capability to function as a PWA straight out of the box. A website may perform exciting tasks like, sending text alerts and working offline thanks to a progressive web application structure, which allows a site to seem like an app.

How Long Will It Take to Migrate?

The amount of data you have available and the amount of work you put in will determine if you can migrate all of your WordPress content to Gatsby. All content should preferably be transferred within as soon as possible. But please remember that it will take some time to get used to it if you haven't utilized React.

Once you master it, you will benefit from Gatsby's advantages, like less HTML wreckage in your data store and documents that are simple to access, manage, modify, view, restore, and distribute.


With their various structures and functionality, React, Gatsby, and WordPress each bring a unique set of skills to the table. Therefore, it is dependent on the software architects to choose which specific tool they should employ based on your needs.

Quintagroup can provide you with a consultation on this subject. Moreover, by contacting us you can hire IT experts who will willingly help you move from WordPress to React and Gatsby. There are also other professionals that we can offer to you: Python developers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, and more. Feel free to get in touch.

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