Learning Content Management System

Quintagroup's Learning Content Management System provides corporations and educational institutions with the perfect platform to teach. Employees or students can learn using the latest in on-line training tools such as synchronized multimedia (graphics or PowerPoint® with audio/video), on-line testing, and community bulletin boards and chat. This Learning Content Management System also contains powerful tools such as personalization features to deliver information the user is most interested in, and click stream tracking to provide extremely useful data on every viewer’s visit to your site.

Quintagroup can design and develop customized interactive training courses that respond to the way learners process and use information via interactive, media-based deliveries. Courses are designed based on a systematic process of instructional design, as well as on principles of human cognition, motivation, and performance.

This system-based approach accomplishes a needs assessment, a task analysis before implementation, and finally, evaluation. Implementation involves active learning for measurable results. We focus on performance objectives and criterion referenced test items, as we employ a variety of instructional strategies for your learners. Overall focus is on impact!

What It Costs
The cost will entirely depend on what is required for the solution. It will be agreed with you and specified in the contract.

How to Get Started
Please don't hesitate, but contact us today for a quote and more info.