Knowledge Management Portal Solution

How do you store information and knowledge into one place and use it and share it like you never have?

In a typical organization, some 75% of internal knowledge is trapped in one's email and desktop computers. Good information is everywhere and nowhere near.

To solve this problem, Quintagroup has created a knowledge management portal solution that addresses these issues and help you organically grow your knowledge base.

Different from approaches taken in the past, Quintagroup' knowledge management portal solution, can help your employee get involved in creating knowledge for business continuity.

Here are some of features

  • Workflow-based content production
  • Flexible Index and Search functions
  • Need-based and role-based Information Distribution
  • Knowledge production and administration targetted for non-techical staff
  • Document conversion and distribution
  • Turn-key solution that can easily be customized by your own staff. (Some training required.)

What It Costs

The cost will entirely depend on what is required for the solution. It will be agreed with you and specified in the contract.

How to Get Started

In case you need to get effective online knowledge management Plone portal - please consider Quintagroup services and contact us for more information.