Conference Management System

Quintagroup offers Plone-based conference management system for managing conferences and events online. Features include: conference registration software, online payments collection and attendees management.

Quintagroup offers conference and event management system you've been looking for. Our conference solution was designed to make the life of the conference organizer easier. Taking Plone as a basis, we offer comprehensive tool for managing conferences online. With Quintagroup’s conference management system, conference organizers can save time by collecting all attendee details and registrations online. Collecting payments during registration and sending instant email confirmations automatically will also make the process more organized and effective.

Quintagroup’s conference management system meets your online conference registration needs, from start to finish:

Collecting Conference Registrations

Our conference registration system collects and organizes attendee data, helping meeting planners and conference organizers work more efficiently, regardless of conference size. Registrant information and payment from visitors are collected via customizable online forms. Create as many forms with as many fields as you need. Configure forms to your needs - multiple registrants, email verification / validation or other requirements. Plone’s powerful editing tools allows designing form and web site pages easily and effectively.

Managing Conference Registrations

Once registrants enter the site, our system makes management of registration data a breeze. You receive automated, customized confirmation notices after users registration. You can track all payment, registration and transaction information. Insightful reports can be generated in seconds with Plone integration for You can capture data, analyze results and create reports that will show you exactly what you need.  All registrants can be emailed with a few clicks, newsletter can be automatically sent to certain group of attendees.

Taking Payments from Conference Attendees

Since online registrations require payment processing, we offer a variety of options. Through Plone’s connections to common e-commerce systems, payment is easy and fast. We work with many of the largest services around - e.g. PayPal or Authorize.Net. We offer conference and events management solutions for all organizations, whether you need a simple payment gateway or complex processing functions. With Quintagroup’s secure conference registration software, payment is simple for attendees and planners alike.

Unique design for your Conference Management System

Any design can be used with our solution. You can use any of our Plone themes or order absolutely new easily-customizable design to match your brand.

What will you get?

Quintagroup delivers conference management systems that include:

  • Powerful Plone content management system with rich set of conference site editing features
  • Integration for Salesforce CRM, that opens new opportunities for better conference attendees management, as well as analyzing conference registration process by creating special reports, or sending newsletters.
  • Comprehensive set of features uniquely designed for an effective online conference management: registration payment, abstracts upload, lodging reservation and many more.

Case Study 1

One of important issues within conference management system - is attendees’ lodging reservation/booking. For cases when conference organizers offer certain rooms, apartments for lodging, it is important to provide reliable functionality to enable people secure reserving/paying/putting rooms or hold, etc. Plone-based conference solution for such cases includes advanced system where Plone comes integrated with payment processor (e.g. and/or customer relationship management system (e.g. Salesforce). Such integration enables secure online payment and registration/payment tracking management. As a result, conference manager can have all occupants information in one place and see how payment process is carried on. Read more about this case.

Case Study 2

Another conference registration system, Quintagroup provided for Danish customer, included rich conference scheduling/registration features. To enable this we developed a special folderish content type with lots of fields for detailed structured info about the conference, such as:

  • Date frames and number of tracks that can take place simultaneously, according to which conference schedule table is generated.
  • Maximum number of attendees limits number of people, who can register for the conference. As soon as this number of people registers, conference registration closes.
  • Conference arranger, contact person and attendees to take part in the conference.
  • Selectable list of academic issues and disciplines to be discussed.

All conference info is displayed on conference view in different portlets next to conference schedule. Then speeches are added to appropriate conference days/tracks as simply as pointing on the desirable hour on the schedule view, and filling speech info (basic info, time frames, number of allowed attendees).

Every speech added into conference table can be selected by coming attendees. Site visitors can select talks they are interested in and register for attendance by providing their contact/personal info. Information about all registered attendees is collected in a attendees view, and it is possible to send newsletter to all registered users at once.

How to Get Started

Quintagroup conference management system offers a full set of capabilities to conference organizers, in a cost-effective and modular platform. Feel free to contact us today for a quote and we will contact you soon.

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