Other means to customize your website navigation

In this article we review other means to customize your website navigation

Among other navigation customization means are:

Static portlet
Drop-down menu

Static Portlet

If you don’t want your portlet to update with every content change or just need certain information to always be present on the website, you can use Static portlet.

  • add /@@manage-portlets to the address of your website;
  • click on Add portlet and choose Static text portlet from drop-down menu;
  • insert text you want to be displayed in portlet.

Plone Static portlet

  • You can choose Omit portlet border to change the portlet look.

Edit Plone Static portlet

Plone Static portlet without border

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Drop-down menu

You can use wide range of tools and extensions to clean the layout and adorn the design.

  • drop-down menu is very popular feature that makes navigation more structured and attractive.


Plone drop-down menu

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