How to set up direct connection to Zope instance


The following tutorial shows how to connect to firewall-protected Zope instance by building SSH tunnel in Linux. It can also be applied to performing the same actions in Mac OS X.
See instructions for Windows OS by following link on the right.

Open terminal window to connect to remote firewall-protected Zope instance via SSH tunnel.

  1. Build SSH tunnel by running the following command in the terminal window:
    ssh login@server -L 8080: -N
    where login and server (something like are your SSH connection details that can be found at your quintagroup account (
  2. You will get response asking you to enter your SSH password (can also be found at your quintagroup account).
    login@server's password:
  3. Leave SSH running in terminal to keep tunnel working.
  4. In web-browser open your Zope instance http://localhost:8080/.
  5. You will be asked to provide login and password to your Zope instance. That's it! You are in.
  6. After you are finished - return to your SSH tunnel to stop it: press Ctrl+C.
Windows Tutorial

windows.gifTutorial: How to set up direct connection to Zope Instance protected by firewall via SSH Tunnel in Windows