SHM Research

SHM Research is a leading health and disease management company that focuses on development of innovative products and solutions to improve the quality of healthcare.


SHM Research is an independent global health and disease management company based in Geneva. It concentrates on connecting with clinical and health research those who produce health and medical knowledge with those who need it everyday. SHM Research provides research and development of innovative products and solutions that serve to make better-informed and trusted decisions and to take evidence-based action. SHM Research’s innovative health and disease solutions improve the quality of healthcare, influence health outcomes of individuals and populations, reduce healthcare costs, enhance productivity and allow to obtain a positive return on investment.
SHM Research aims at developing a healthcare knowledge base by extracting and managing data from peer-reviewed medical journals, medical societies, governmental & intergovernmental health agencies, medical congresses, university research centers and international leading health experts. It is an important step to the building of a global community, where leading health experts collaborate in order to make recommendations based on the latest and best available medical evidence for all medical specialties. Priority is development of the health management programs that wil enhance the quality of life.

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