A supplier relationship management platform developed as a serverless web application in order to boost supplier efficiency.

Project outline

The scope of the Waasla project covers the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) platform. The client contacted us with an idea of an SRM system that offers a comprehensive method of evaluating the contributions of suppliers’ satisfaction and their effect on the success of the business. Waasla should determine strategies to improve the productivity of suppliers and establishes a pragmatic approach to applying such determinations. Vendor relationship management system seeks to include supply chain specialists working in fields such as procurement, project management, and activities where vendors are routinely supported by the customer success management specialists.

Mockup of the Waasla platform

System architecture overview

Employing the best practices out of a rich toolbox, Quintagroup developers have maintained the SRM engineering that offers the best performance for their client. The system is constructed of front-end and back-end parts as well as the application of serverless computing.

System architecture of the Waasla SRM


The web application of the Waasla supplier relationship management system is created as a Single Page Application (SPA). A SPA is a single HTML page bundled together with JavaScript and CSS. JavaScript is at the core of SPA, with Vue.JS JavaScript framework and libraries. Amazon CloudFront is used to accelerate the delivery of static web assets stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to end-users. CloudFront caches content at edge locations closer to viewers giving them greater performance, instant global reach, and higher platform availability.


The compute workload layer handles demands from external systems, monitoring access and maintaining sufficient authorization of requests. It includes the runtime configuration, which will install and implement the business logic.

  • AWS Lambda was used to run stateless serverless applications on a managed platform that supports feature layer microservices architectures, deployment, and execution management.
  • Operating a completely controlled REST API was possible with Amazon API Gateway that combines with Lambda to implement the business logic which provides traffic processing, network authorization and access control, and API versioning.
  • To view device reports for all the AWS tools, we used Amazon CloudWatch. It also merges network and application-level statistics and builds business-key performance indicators (KPIs) as personalized reports for your unique needs. It provides dashboards and warnings which can activate application automatic behavior.

The workload data layer handles the continuous data storage from inside a program. It offers a safe process of state storing that the business logic will need. It provides a triggering mechanism for events in response to changes in data.

  • Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) allows easy configuration, operation, and scale of a cloud relational database. The technology offers cost-effective and resizable ability while automating time-consuming management activities, including hardware provisioning, database configuration, patching, and backups. This allows you to concentrate on your apps so you can provide fast efficiency, high quality, protection, and reliability.
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) helps develop serverless cloud apps and websites by offering a readily accessible and valuable inventory through which static objects can be accessed by a Content Delivery Network (CDN), through Amazon CloudFront, for example.
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a completely controlled message queuing software that helps you to decouple microservices, distributed networks, and serverless apps and scale them up. With SQS, you can transmit, store, and receive messages between components of the program at any rate, without missing messages or needing other resources.

Identification, verification, and authorization of the application interfaces for both external and internal customers are provided by the user management and identity layer. Using Amazon Cognito, you can quickly incorporate serverless apps for account sign-up, sign-in, and data synchronization.

  • The messaging layer of your workload maintains interactions between components. For this layer, we used Twilio, a readily affordable, long-lasting, stable, completely operated messaging application that helps you to uncouple microservices, distributed networks, and serverless applications.
  • The edge layer of your workload manages the presentation layer and connectivity to external customers. It offers an effective form of distribution for external clients living in distinct geographical locations. Amazon CloudFront is a powerful content delivery network (CDN) service that delivers files, images, apps, and APIs securely to clients worldwide with low latency, quick upload rates. All of these functions are performed within a developer-friendly environment.

Serverless Web Application

The Waasla web application demands that consistent, secure and reliable user experience is assured. We use serverless computing on AWS to ensure high and global availability and the ability to scale to potentially millions of users. Without sacrifice on safety, reliability, and efficiency, we install the entire web framework infrastructure. We don't do any undifferentiated hard lifting of server maintenance, guess about space provisioning or charge for unused services. 

Successful outcome

The core values of the Waasla project - excellence, innovation, and openness - were fully implemented by the major functions of the supplier relationship management process. Quintagroup created a modern SRM that eases and automates daily tasks for supply chain professionals. Developing a supplier relationship management tool, Quintagroup ensured the fulfillment of such major functions as depicted in the scheme below.

Functions of the Waasla SRM

Quintagroup is here to drive your business to success. We are capable of both the development of client relationship management software and supplier relationship management platform. Contact us, since the development of superior software solutions is exactly what we do! 

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