A reliable collaborative platform that makes running projects in the lighting industry more effective, improves communication between team members, and helps with building strong and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Sourcery case

Project outline

Quintagroup team created a cost-effective, reliable, and full-service collaborative platform that ensures an effective approach to execution of a full sourcing process for the lighting industry, allows keeping track of all the ongoing projects in great detail, enables the communication and collaboration between the project members, and gives the opportunity to build strong and mutually beneficial business connections. As one of the client’s requirements was the scalability of the solution, a serverless approach to the system architecture was applied. 

Project implementation

The final product consists of several different subsystems:

  1. Application - system used by architects, designers, sales representatives, manufacturers, and construction project customers to maintain a “single source of truth” dataset describing construction project assets (lighting appliances) throughout the project lifecycle with rich, visually appealing collaboration and communication capabilities.
  2. Admin panel - a toolset for platform administrators to manage users, their roles, and billing.
  3. Marketing Website - the main source of information about the product and its capabilities, with instructions for using the platform, including registration forms.

Primary components of the Sourcery Application are:

  • Schedule Editor - collaborative google spreadsheet-like database of construction project assets (lighting appliances) with reach communication capabilities;
  • Products, Product Collection, and 3 types of Libraries - Pinterest/Spotify-like platform for authoring, sharing, promoting of construction project assets (lighting appliances).
  • Manufacturer portal - additional capabilities for manufacturers of construction project assets (lighting appliances) to author and promote their products in form of Twitter-like verified status and other instruments.

Story Mapping

We use classic Double Diamond design thinking to ensure the efficiency of project results. Taking into account all the plan specifics and needs of our client, we have customized traditional Double Diamond for this project.

Our team has completed the task successfully in 2 phases.

Story mapping

Tech Stack

AWS: Cognito, DynamoDB, S3, Lambda, ElasticSearch, AppSync, Chalice, REST, SES, EventBridge, GraphQL, Step Functions.

Backend: Python, Terraform, AWS

AQA: Robot Framework, Cypress

Frontend: VueJS

UI: Figma

Implemented integrations: ProCore, Airtable

Payment system: Stripe

Successful solution

The result of our joint work is a platform that has a unique approach to each user. The platform can serve as a project workspace for teams to collaborate and as a Pinterest-like network where users can create, follow, and save photo collections and catalogs that will be verified by the manufacturer. The product was launched in January 2021 after 6 months of development. After the initial launch, the project development continued and is still in progress. Quintagroup is providing the services under the contract as an independent contractor.

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