Cypress vs Robot Framework for UI Automation and API Testing

When it comes to UI automation and API testing, what is the best option out there? In this article, we compare Cypress frontend testing tool and Robot Framework, listing advantages and differences which will help you find your perfect solution tailored to your requirements.

Cypress is an automated frontend testing tool that is used for unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing. It was created to reduce the pain points QA engineers and developers come across when testing applications. 

Robot Framework is a test automation framework that conducts ATDD and acceptance tests. It supports external libraries and open-source tools that are used for automation. 

Why Cypress?

Cypress has a BDD/TDD assertion library and a browser that may be matched with any JavaScript testing framework. Its architecture is different from other testing frameworks. Cypress doesn’t use Selenium as it sends remote commands via the network while Cypress performs in the same run loop as your app. Cypress has the utmost control over the whole automation process, it can change anything getting in and out of the browser and modify the code that prevents it from automating the browser. What’s more, this testing tool lets you have full control over altering your application however you like, all when other testing tools may have you “locked out” of your app. 

Advantages of Cypress

Cypress advantages

Why robot framework?

Robot framework is executed on Python, and also can run on IronPython(.NET) and Jython(Java). It’s extensible and can be combined with any other tool for making flexible and robust automation solutions. Robot framework can enlarge its capabilities by using libraries executed with Python or Java. With this test automation tool, you can generate new higher-level keywords from existing ones working with the same syntax that is used for making test cases. SeleniumLibrary lets the robot framework use Selenium and execute web-based operations internally.

Advantages of robot framework

Robot Framework advantages

    Cypress vs robot framework

    Let’s compare these two frameworks in the table.

    Cypress vs Robot Framework

    *Mocks copy the real behavior of things and their usage lets you test some elements of your code in isolation.
    **Fixtures let you set fixed, particular states of data (fixtures) that are test-local.


    That was a brief overview of the two popular test automation tools. Choosing a testing tool depends entirely on your goals. If such questions as “Should I consider the robot framework? Or should I rather switch to Cypress?” doubt you, then we strongly recommend consulting a professional. Our team has been working with test automation for over 8 years. If you need help, we’re here, just one click away. Talk to us and get a thorough consultation on which test automation tool will benefit your business the most.

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