MTender has been developed by Quintagroup on the basis of the Prozorro code. The eProcurement platform is built according to open data, open source and OCDS.
OpenProcurement is initiative to develop software powering tenders database and reverse auction. The aim of this project is to create an effective and transparent open source electronic system of public procurement that will simplify access for qualified and interested businesses, promote the objective assessment of bidders, provide a paperless workflow, help in reporting and analyzing the procurement.
Quintagroup has developed and implemented e-Procurement solution - OpenProcurement toolkit - that was used by the Ukrainian electronic public procurement system - Prozorro. The main aim of Prozorro is to provide transparent and efficient spending of public funds and to prevent corruption through public control and bigger number of suppliers. is a Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF) system that organizes sale of the property (assets), belonging to insolvent or liquidated banks. Such assets include collateralized property (like household appliances, cars, buildings, land lots) and loans (set of receivables of individuals and legal entities). According to the Ukrainian laws such assets are sold through electronic exchanges based on rules similar to those of the EU or the US.
The principles of the ProZorro public e-procurement system - everybody plays by the same rules, a winner is selected transparently, and a fair competition is encouraged - laid the foundation for Rialto, "the commercial ProZorro". High performance indicators of the model and a substantial interest of the business sector in a similar system for commercial tenders resulted in Rialto.