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Lviv Apartments agency specializes in short-term rental of apartments in Lviv, Ukraine. Lviv Apartments is a trustworthy apartment provider in real estate market in Lviv, that has been providing its services since 2006. During that period numerous guests from around Ukraine and abroad have been staying at its apartments, many of them have become regular clients.

Agency does its best for the clients so that they enjoy company's services, call back and make reservations again, and recommend it to other people. Therefore, company is working hard to keep such business principles: be quick in response, provide high quality services, be trustworthy, keep privacy. Lviv Apartments runs their agency with professionalism and liability to the state law.

Business Challenge

Lviv Apartments company's old website was a poor representation of the real estate solutions the company offers. They needed a new look and functionality to display the appartments they offer for short-term rent.

Project Outline

Lviv Apartments Plone-based site development was carried out by Quintagroup. Sophisticated multilingual content-managed website was designed and advanced Plone real estate content management solution was offered for real estate company purposes. The new website includes appartments description -  all content in 5 languages.

Real Estate Content Management Solution

Quintagroup developed and designed Real Estate Content Management Solution for Lviv Apartments agency. This Real Estate Solution is a flexible product that can suit number of needs. It is a customizable structure and can be easily set to satisfy clients' demands. Below you can see the list of features implemented into Lviv Apartments project. Since the company offers apartments in Lviv for short-term rent, company web-site includes description of available apartments, apartment features, photos, price, etc.

1. Property Management

To enable apartment pages represent apartment information in the most presentable manner, Quintagroup developed a new content type called apartment info. This content type consists of number of fields that can be easily filled by a content manager. Then the apartment information text is inserted into the corresponding place on apartment page. This makes apartment pages easily and effortlessly editable. Apartment Info content type is a translatable object as all Plone default content types, it has its equivalents in all available site languages.

Apartment Info objects have references to photos attached. Photos of apartment are displayed on apartment page: one of them is displayed in its original size, while others are represented by thumbnails. A click on a thumbnail changes the main photo to the one you selected. Ajax technology was used here to enable convenient photo browsing on one page without loading new page for every photo.

2. Contact Forms

Every apartment contains contact phone number. Members can also make use of online contact forms. Contact / Book Apartments forms were created with PloneFormGen Plone product, with addition of new captcha field developed by Quintagroup (Plone Captcha Field product) to validate human input.

3. Rental Listing

Apartments can be viewed in listings, according to the number of rooms in them. To represent informative apartments listing, with apartment small images, rent price, address and some apartment features, special view was developed called listing_apartment. Such an informative apartment listing can help site visitors find necessary apartment quicker, not spending time on opening those apartment pages they are not interested in.


Lviv Apartments is a multilingual Plone-based website. All site content is available in 5 languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, English and German. Visitors can select the desirable language and browse site content in this language. Each site page has connection with pages in other languages. Site multilingualism was achieved with the help of LinguaPlone product.

All the pages, Navigation menu, breadcrumbs, tabs and portlets were translated into 5 different languages to help site visitors navigate on site in a desired language. Different site tabs appear for different languages.

Language-related logics was used to make certain number of tabs be displayed for every language. So, every language has its own set of tabs appear that leads to site sections in a selected language. Tabs were assigned manually for every language and it was Plone Tabs product that enabled such tabs flexibility. All site tabs were created in Portal Tabs Configuration area, each possessing the corresponding condition (expression) that checks whether tab will or will not appear.

Site Theme

Quintagroup suggested Lviv Apartments to make use of one of Quintagroup premium Plone Themes - Brio Plone Skin. This skin is very flexible and can easily be customized. RentInLviv theme features implemented:

  • Brio Skin top default images were replaced by photos of Lviv.
  • Since Brio Skin allows having unique background pictures for different folders, so this feature was actively used and many different photos of Lviv were used for different site folders.
  • Brio Skin logo that is displayed on site top left area was customized. Moreover, different variants of logo is used for different languages. Logo background color was also changed and 2 variants of background color is used - blue and brown.
  • Brio Skin black background color and portlets header color was also changed.
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