Oscar/Django based e-commerce web stores

Quintagroup team was hired to develop a robust e-commerce solution that includes several e-shops with different prices but one data and stock base.

Main project demands:

  • Multi-tenancy - all online products have to be managed via one back-office.
  • Product data has to be imported from several sources.
  • Payment options: PayPal, Paybox, credit card, bank transfer, etc.
  • Advanced searching and filtering capabilities.

Quintagroup Solution

In order to satisfy all client’s demands after detailed investigation and architecture planning we decided to use Django Oscar. This open-source e-commerce solution is simple yet flexible, feature rich and easy to customize. Security of Python and Django-based technology, extensible core and well-designed set of models assist with implementing e-commerce project tailored for particular client.

Oscar became our basis for customization according to client’s wishes about functionality, such as:

  • Custom website design
  • Several import scripts for different input data sources (csv and excel files)
  • Advanced product management (product can be displayed on one, several or all web stores with the same or different price and even with store-specific sales or promo offers)
  • Registration via social media platforms (Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Supply records to store and manage bought products
  • Sale and taxes customization
  • Address autocompletion


According to technical specifications our client wanted to have several websites managed by one back-office. On the basis of Django Oscar we developed multi-tenant solution. Back-office allows managing products, stock, prices, sales, suppliers, customers, etc. for several websites - all in one place. Administrator can control content of all online stores without unnecessary repetition, assign different prices for the same product in different e-shops, manage stock and supply records. Customers can use one user account for all websites with separated baskets and wish lists.

PayPal and Paybox payment systems

Among the payment options there are PayPal and Paybox. Oscar comes with a package for integration of both PayPal Express and PayPal Payflow Pro. If customer wants to use PayPal account for purchase, they will be redirected to PayPal’s website to confirm shipping address and payment. Then customer is redirected back to the online shop to confirm the order. Shipping addresses are stored automatically and can be used later.

Paybox was used as a technical solution to power e-transactions with bank of client’s choice. Paybox is a multi-bank and multi-channel payment service provider present on the e-commerce market since 1991. This platform offers a true virtual electronic payment terminal aimed at accepting online payments. Paybox headquarters is situated in France and is totally “multi-bank” solution there, but this platform works across over 40 European countries and offers cooperation with a great number of European acquirers.

Paybox is also certified as 3-D Secure at all banks. 3-D Secure is an anti-fraud protocol developed and used by Visa and MasterCard. This protocol prevents transaction denial by enabling the bank to authenticate the card holder during the online purchase.

Paybox offers a rich set of features including complex processing on e-commerce sites, anti-fraud tools, back-office, and additional payment methods. This payment platform holds accreditation and certification from Visa, MasterCard, and GIE Cartes Bancaires, as well as from non-bank issuers and acquirers.

Prisync integration

We developed back-office with extended functionality. Particularly, we integrated tool for competitor price tracking - Prisync. This service offers easy-to-understand dashboard, reports, e-mail alerts, and comprehensive API with all Prisync data. Since client wanted to track and compare competitor’s prices, we developed a working Prisync API wrapper for fetching different product price data on various domains and displaying this data in the back-office.


For the online stores we implemented wide searching capabilities, including intuitive live search with results separated by products/categories/laboratories, customizable type and category specific filters. Oscar ships with pretty good ElasticSearch support, so Elastic handler was used as basic search engine. The search system is designed for maximum performance, preventing unnecessary calls to the production database.

Successful outcome

Using Django Oscar as an e-commerce framework for this project proved to be a right choice. It revealed itself as a reliable and customizable tool for complex business needs. In close collaboration with client we were able to outline project development plan and its most important features. The implemented solution covered all client’s objectives: website architecture is intuitive and logical, store management is seamless and user-friendly.

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